Flexacil Ultra Reviews

A Potentially Good Joint Supplement Let Down By A Hidden Blend

Flexacil Ultra could be a good budget joint supplement, in that the ingredients list is a strong one, the downside is that it's a proprietary blend and it's not possible for all of it's ingredients to be fully dosed in it's 2300mg blend. The question is going to come down to which of the ingredients are the ones that a fully dosed to be effective. Most of the ingredients themselves are actually quite good, the problem is it's a dice roll as to which ones that are actually in Flexacil ultra so we can't recommend it.

It's not likely to do much for severe joint pain, but it could have some benefit as a dietary supplement for minor joint discomfort assuming that it correctly doses glucosamine sulfate and boswellia (which are most likely to the ingredients that are correctly dosed) due to some such as MSM requiring a higher dosage than is physically possible in a 2300mg blend.

It doesn't make it onto the best joint supplements list. 

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Customers Flexacil Ultra Reviews

Customers Flexacil ultra reviews are generally very positive, with multiple customers claiming that flexacil ultra has helped with milder cases of arthritis and joint health. Holding a solid 4.4* out of 5 on Amazon, the vast majority of the reviews look to be legitimate and we don't have any reason to suspect that the flexacil joint supplement has manipulated their score. All in all this is a strong showing. It's also at quite a reasonable price point, leading to further positive reviews. It would be a good contender for the best budget supplement for joint pain if it wasn't for the fact that the formula isn't clear. 

Flexacil Ultra Review FAQ

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Is Flexacil Safe?

Flexacil should be safe, there can be some side effects of glucosamine sulfate in higher dosages including headaches and nausea. People with diabetes or on blood thinners should also not take supplements high in glucosamine. Seeing as Flexacil ultra does not list the exact doses in their joint pain supplement we would advise you to err on the side of caution and assume that it contains a high dose. 

Flexacil Ultra Ingredients

So the main issue here is the 2300mg total, a lot of these ingredients need 1000mg or more to be in the effective range for reducing joint pain, meaning that we're going to have to make some assumptions. Label orders are typically indicative of the highest dosed ingredients as required by most countries for proprietary blends. As such, only 1 or 2 of the ingredients could be correctly dosed. We expect it's likely to be Glucosamine sulfate and boswellia, meaning that you'd probably be better off with Osteo Bi Flex if you want a glucosamine focused supplement and definitely better off with FlexAgain as an overall.

Glucosamine sulfate is the cheaper option in comparison to Glucosamine HCL, ideally it's dosed at between 500mg and 1500mg. It has been shown to be effective for joint pain relief, but typically doesn't show much improvement to overall joint health. [1] We generally prefer to see glucosamine hcl used as you don't require as much of the supplement for it to be effective at joint pain relief.

MSM is generally not a good choice for combined joint pain relief supplements, that's not to say that they're not effective joint pain supplements, the problem is simply that the study which showed it to be most effective (back in 2006) required a dose of 6000mg. [2] Which isn't easy to contain in combined supplements as that's 6 large capsules all by itself. There have been some studies which suggest lower volumes are still effective, however, the lowest dosage is 1000mg, meaning that if it were dosed correctly even at the low end, it would mean no other ingredients in Flexacil ultra would be.

Boswellia is an ingredient we do like to see, and we expect that it and glucosamine sulfate are the two that are correctly dosed. Boswellia typically needs to be around 200mg and has been shown to relieve joint discomfort and improve joint mobility. It's relatively inexpensive and as the third listed ingredient it's likely to be within this region.

Ginger Root Extract unfortunately isn't a good one, again it's a good ingredient, but effective dosages are in the range of 3000mg, with the exception of a couple of patented forms of concentrated ginger extracts that would be specified, for example Eurovita 77 [3], which only has to be dosed at 255mg according to the studies.

Chondroitin sulfate is typically used in conjunction with glucosamine sulfate, and makes sense in flexacil ultra, it doesn't appear to be effective as a standalone supplement, but dose seem to improve the efficacy of it's collagen counterpart glucosamine sulfate.

Omega 3 Fish Oil is always a good inclusion, however the dosage in flexacil ultra is simply not going to be high enough to do anything. Unfortunately a lot of other joint supplements fall foul of the same issue and include only a small amount because they feel they need to include it. It needs to be dosed at 1100mg [4] just to meet your recommended daily intake, and whilst it has been shown to be effective at relieving pain to a point that trial participants have been able to reduce pain relief medication as well as improving mobility, it does need to be in substantially higher doses than we're likely to find in flexacil.

Horsetail Extract has only been backed in mice studies, whilst there is a possibility it could have some joint benefits and is being looked at to treat arthritis there is no substantial evidence as of yet that this should be in a joint health supplement. [5]

Hyaluronic Acid only works when injected directly into the site, unfortunately it cannot be taken orally as it does not survive the stomach. This has been shown in several recent trials, unfortunately a lot of other joint pain supplements still include this as it was hoped that due to it's efficacy through injection it would also be absorbable orally. It's a dated ingredient for flexacil. 

Flexacil Ultra Review Conclusion

Flexacil ultra may well be good budget supplement, the positive customer reviews of flexacil ultra would lead many people to believe so. It does seem quite likely to be highly dosed in ingredients that would reduce joint pain, although it does seem less likely to be high in the ingredients that are more suitable for joint health overall. 

The main failing of Flexacil ultra is the fact that it is a proprietary blend and there are better value, if slightly more expensive supplements available that contain substantially more and higher quality ingredients for your money that made the best joint pain relief supplements list. 

Best Joint Supplements
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 6/10
Pain Relief 6/10
Joint Health 5/10
Swelling 6/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 5/10 


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