Instant ​Knockout Review

Is Instant Knockout Any Good?

Does Instant Knockout Work?

We have all been there. After weeks of intense gym sessions and being careful about our diet, we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and wish that stubborn layer of belly fat would disappear.

Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do or how rigidly we stick to our routines, the results we want are just a little out of reach. At times like this, we start to wonder if we can get a little extra help from a fat-burning food supplement to achieve our goals.

However, with so many weight management and fat-burning supplements on the market to choose from, many of which are simply glorifed caffeine pills, it can make your head spin trying to find the one most suitable for your needs, that's where our instant knockout review comes in.

Instant Knockout has been on the market for a decade and has had a few changes to the formula over that time. Instant knockout has large doses of glucomannan in its formula, which is a great starting point, and the blend of amino acids and stimulants that it uses are effective for keeping energy levels high in a caloric deficit. So, far our instant knockout review is off to a good start, although that shouldn't be surprising seeing as it topped our best fat burners list.

If you're looking for a TLDR, we like instant knockout, it has multiple proven ingredients, but it is high on the caffeine side, which, if you're trying to avoid caffeine means its probably not for you. 

So, let's get down to the details of what we liked and what we didn't like in our Instant Knockout review.

Instant Knockout Review FAQs

We Answer Some Of Your Most Common Questions In Our Instant Knockout Reviews

What Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner Do?

Instant Knockout is designed to support you in losing weight, it works by supressing appetite, improving energy levels and through increasing your resting metabolism. 

Is Instant Knockout Safe?

All the ingredients in instant knockout are natural, so yes. As long as you don't have any allergies or intollerneces to the ingredients. 

Is Instant Knockout FDA Approved?

Not directly, but it is produced in factories which are approved by the FDA for the production of supplements and the individual ingredients are listed as safe.

Is Instant Knockout Vegan?

Yes, instant knockout is suitable for vegans, it didn't used to be, but they've changed the capsules so that anyone can take instant knockout no matter their diet.

How To Take Instant Knockout

The best time to take Instant Knockout fat-burning capsules is consistently throughout the day. It is recommended to take four capsules per day, split evenly throughout the day.    

For best results, all four capsules need to be taken before meals.

The best schedule is:

- When you wake up
- Before you eat lunch
- Mid-afternoon
- Before Dinner

Reduce Appetite And Cravings

The main ingredient Glucomannan is an ingredibly effective appetite supressant, it swells to 50X it's orginal size (that's about the size of a bagel) in the stomach and takes a hours to break down, meaning as far as your stomach knows it's not empty. That's really helpful if you're on a reduced calorie diet to lose fat.

Increase Metabolism With Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis refers to the amount of heat your body produces, heating your body takes calories, meaning that when Instant knockout raises your temperature, your body has to work harder and burn more calories. This is doubly effective when you're working out. Unfortunatley, as with all fat burners, this is probably the smallest pieces of the puzzle. 

Improved Energy And Workouts

Instant Knockout keeps you energised especially when you're cutting calories. That does mean it's a high stimulant fat burner. So, if you don't do well with caffiene we'd recommend you try a different supplement from our best fat burners list

TRT Centers Thoughts On Instant Knockout

Two of us here at TRT Center use Instant Knocout, so speaking from personal experience our time using Instant Knockout Cut was a positive one. Of all the fat-burning supplements we review on this website, we have to say that Instant Knockout is our go-to favourite fat burner.   

 It really does help suppress your appetite. Feeling fuller for longer and keeping yourself well satiated between meals can help you avoid caving into temptation.    

Instant Knockout Cut contains a combination of natural ingredients chosen for their metabolism-boosting, fat-burning effects, but it also has effective appetite suppressing ingredients that can curb your desire to binge on sugar-filled snacks between meals. Using supplements such as these can be a godsend for those who lack the willpower to tough it out and stick to their diet. 

Instant Knockout Before And After Photos

Instant Knockout have 100's of example stories available on their site. There's also loads of positive reviews on instagram and other sites. Zac here is one of those examples and you can definitely see the improvement. In the full review he says he tried other burners, but Instant Knockout worked for him where others hadn't. In general most of the customers instant knockout reviews seem legitimate.

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Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Knockout was formulated to help professional athletes to lose weight and keep it off. It is USA-made using all-natural ingredients that are vegan-friendly.   It also contains muscle-sparing amino acid compounds to help you retain more of your muscle fibre, which is often lost alongside body fat when you start to lose weight and lean up.

The ingredients include:   

Black Pepper Extract: High in antioxidants, it can help to reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. It also helps your body absorb the other vitamins and minerals in the blend more effectively.[1]

This is a soluble fibre drawn from the roots of the konjac plant. This ingredient is well known for its appetite-suppressing qualities and is a key element to what makes this product work so effectively. It helps you to stay satiated throughout the day and reduces the temptation to snack between meals. It's the only clinically proven over the counter appetite suppresant that many western countries allow to be marketed as effective.[2]

Caffeine: An important stimulant to help boost your energy and get through your workouts easier. Caffeine not only gives you a quick energy boost, but studies show it can boost your metabolism and fat-burning process post-workout. [3]

Cayenne Pepper Extract:
Another natural ingredient with high levels of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more. It also contains capsaicin that boosts thermogenesis to help you burn more fat and calories and reduce hunger. This extract was shown to combat the reduction in metabolism that occurs when you're dieting. One study showed this can add an extra 5% to your calorie burn when you're in a caloric deficit.[4]

Green Tea Extract:
Well known for containing catechins, which help regulate hormone levels and encourage thermogenesis to burn more fat and calories.

This amino acid helps to give you an extra energy lift and protects you from the low mood effects of a caffeine crash. It can help your mind relax and get a better quality night's sleep, which is essential for muscle rebuild and repair.

Vitamin B12: Essential for regulating your metabolism and energy conversion. Adequate levels can also slow down weight gain and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Vitamin B6: An essential vitamin for helping your body process food to muscle fuel. It also increases your Dopamine and Serotonin levels, allowing you to keep focused and motivated during your workout. 

Vitamin D3: An essential vitamin to help boost your metabolism, maintain cardiovascular health and stable blood pressure levels. D3 can also help decrease risks of bone fractures, which is vital when performing high-intensity workouts.

Instant Knockout's ​Appetite Supressing Benefits

One of the most practical benefits of taking Instant Knockout capsules is the appetite-suppressing effects. These capsules contain an extract from the konjac fruit root called glucomannan. This is a water-soluble natural plant fibre that will absorb water and swell up in size in your stomach.   

This action fills up your stomach, so you feel more comfortably full from the meals you eat throughout the day. The soluble fibre slows stomach motility (emptying), and you feel more satiated between meals and are not tempted to grab a quick sugar-filled snack that can ruin your efforts. The thing is most people don't know quite how much it swells, the images on the right should give you some idea, in 30 seconds of warm water 2 capsules on instant knockout swelled to the size of a bagel. Which you'd imagine is quite filling, and would help with hunger and reduce cravings.

And as we're very much an eat large low calorie foods sort of site, we know the struggle with hunger is real.

Instant Knockout Thermogenesis

The combination of these scientifically proven all-natural ingredients can aid your weight loss efforts from many different angles. The glucomannan slakes your appetite, so you consume fewer calories. The catechins and antioxidants work on the body's hormone levels to boost your metabolism and ramp up thermogenesis, burning more fat and calories as the body heat.     

Stimulating thermogenesis in the body is one of the most effective ways of speeding up your metabolism, so you use more of the calories you consume for instant energy rather than it being converted into long-term energy storage (body fat).    

Thermogenesis and appetite control will cause you to fall into a fasted state overnight and in the hours between meals. In the fasted state, your body will draw on your body fat reserves to convert into ketones to use as energy in the absence of food in your stomach.    

Thermogenesis is an ancient primal function of our body that provides our brain and muscles with the energy they need to function during a time when food is scarce. Enhancing thermogenesis will help to reduce the amount of unwanted body fat we are holding onto that is part of our primal programming to store excess energy.     

Instant Knockout Review Conclusion

If you want to know if taking Instant Knockout is worth it, then our answer is yes! This is based on personal experience of using the product and feeling the satiety between meals and the energy boost it provides for sustained gym workouts. The ingredients are high quality, and the blend works well. The only downsides are that it's heavily caffeinated and you have to take quite a lot of pills per day. But, to get the best dosages, there isn't much that can be done about that.    

If your overall goal is to reduce body fat, while feeling good and keeping your energy levels high, then taking Instant Knockout is certainly worth trying for yourself.  You can purchase Instant Knockout at either roar or their own website.
Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 10/10
Thermogenic Boost 8/10
Energy Boost 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 10/10
Ingredients Quality 9/10
Value 9.5/10
Recommended 9.5/10


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