Nugenix Maxx Review

Is Nugenix Maxx Good?

Nugenix Maxx is probably the best product in their range. It still isn't likely to break into our best testosterone booster list, but it is definitely a marked improvement from the older formula in Total T (read our review here). Most of the ingredients are pretty good, but it does miss out on DAA and a couple of core vitamins we'd expect to see in a testosterone booster, but otherwise it's not bad. Unfortunately like most of the Nugenix range, they come in at a high price point and don't quite stack up. Nugenix have a long history of just missing the mark, it will still help raise free testosterone levels in a lot of cases, but Nugenix Maxx shouldn't be your first choice, unless you have some sort of aversion to one of the better brands on the market.

That doesn't mean that it's not going to work, we'd just recommend that you get Prime Male  instead, it's a similar price point, with a similar make up, but with DAA added in and with that being one of the best natural testosterone boosting ingredients on the market at the moment, you wouldn't want to miss out on that.

Customers Nugenix Maxx Reviews

As you'd probably expect based on the intro, the customer reviews aren't bad, averaging a little over 4* after filtering the fake reviews, surprisingly they're actually worse than some of the counter parts that should in theory perform worse. But, it is possible that there were more fake reviews on the other products than we initially realised.

Nugenix Maxx Claims

Nugenix Maxx promises increased performance and optimized testosterone levels, and honestly the marketing isn't too bad on this one, it's not making any completely wild claims, although as you'd expect from any test booster, it's quite dramatic in it's language.


  • Better than other Nugenix products
  • Get's a lot of dosages right


  • Missing DAA's
  • Too low Maca
  • Some useless ingredients
  • Missing some essential vitamins
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Nugenix Maxx Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Maxx.

How To Take Nugenix Maxx?

They say take 4 in the morning, we'd say this will probably give a few people an upset stomach, split the dosage, take them with food and you'll probably avoid this. 

What About Nugenix Maxx Side Effects?

There should't be any serious side effects unles you either have alergies or take too much. Some customers have complained of upset stomachs, but if you split the dose up, this should be avoidable.

What's In Nugenix Maxx?

Aside from the rather random inclusion of white button mushroom extract, these ingredients are all pretty good. Every one is supported by studies, and the dosages aren't too far off what we'd like to see. Nugenix Maxx is getting dangerously close to the brand actually producing a good testosterone booster supplement. 

Vit D 2000mg - Vit D is a mainstay in most testosterone boosters, almost half of men[1] in the USA are deficient, and supplementing Vitamin D has been shown to increase free testosterone levels and improve athletic performance even in people who are not deficient[2]. 

Zinc 15mg - Zinc only really applies to people who are deficient[3], but as a deficiency can cause low testosterone, including this is a common place catch all. However, if your zinc levels are healthy, this shouldn't really do much. However, if you're following a restrictive diet, then it's a beneficial addition to Nugenix Maxx. 

Fenugreek 600mg - The dosage here is good, and multiple studies have demonstrated Fenugreeks efficacy in raising testosterone levels[4].

Ashwagandha 600mg - Nugenix Maxx got the dosage of Ashwagandha correct[5], a lot of supplements don't so credit where it's due here. Not only has it been shown to improve free testosterone levels, but it also helps improve mood regulation, sleep and even has some nootropic benefits.

Maca 150mg - Another decent ingredient that's pretty solid, however, the dosage is a little lower than we'd like, especially if it's being utilised for it's efficacy for it's sexual health benefits[6].

Ginseng 140mg - Ginseng has been shown to be effective at raising test levels even at lower dosages (75mg) and as a result we see it in a lot of test booster products[7] another good choice from Nugenix Maxx.

Ginger 90mg - A decent ingredient, although with relatively mild testosterone boosting effects, it does however promote healthy blood flow and has some usage when it comes to improving male performance. 

Mushroom Extract 10mg - Honestly, there's no real reason for this to be here. 

Bioperine 5mg - A standard ingredient in testosterone boosters. All in all it's not bad, but we'd have liked to have seen DAA's, vitamin K, some B vitamins for performance and to drop the useless mushroom extract.

Nugenix Maxx Review: Honest Conclusion

Overall Nugenix Maxx is the best product we've seen in their line up. However, it still doesn't quite stack up against the best in the market, falling short by missing out on DAA and a dosing too low on a couple of useful ingredients that have likely been put on the list to make it look more impressive than it actually is. 

It scores reasonably well as an overall health supplement, but there's certainly better options if you're focused on improving lean muscle mass, and definitely better options for libido focused test boosters. 

We don't mind Nugenix maxx, we'd just recommend that you get one of the products from our best testosterone boosters list instead. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 7/10
Muscle Growth 7/10
Mood 7/10
Libidio 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 6.5/10

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