Nugenix Thermo Review

Is Nugenix Thermo Any Good?

Nugenix Thermo Review: Is Nugenix Any Good?

Nugenix Thermo is a thermogenic fat burner food supplement aimed at men who want to lean up for more muscle definition. It is manufactured by Adaptive Health, a US company with a well-established name for selling other food supplements under the Nugenix brand name. Unfortunately the brand struggles to live up to the hype and pretty much consistently delivers mediocre supplements with nugenix thermo being no exception.

If you want to skip the review, Nugenix Thermo is OK, for some people, but it's not a great fat burner and doesn't come anywhere near getting into our top fat burning supplements list. If you want to see what the best fat burner you can buy is you should check out our best fat burners list.

Adaptive Health and its Nugenix brand name have a decent reputation in the sports supplement marketplace, mainly because they've been around for a long time and haven't produced any completely terrible supplements. The company also has many positive customer reviews, so it was expected that their Nugenix Thermo product would follow suit, making this a bit of a let down.

On top of this, Nugenix Thermo contains more caffeine than other fat-burners on the market. They rely on it very heavily in the formulation, meaning it's definitely not the best thermogenic fat burner supplement to choose if you are overly sensitive to caffeine.

Nugenix energy boost

Nugenix Thermo is marketed as an extreme metabolic accelerator, and this is because the ingredients used in this product actively encourage thermogenesis. It is heavy on caffeine – VERY heavy on caffeine. And whilst it's well known that the stimulant will help to give you an energy boost in the gym, nugenix thermo is a very expensive option. That's not to say that caffeine shouldn't be in a fat burner, it's arguably one of the best ingredients as it suppresses appetite, raises NEAT and metabolism, but it can't justify the price tag.  

Caffeine also has the advantage that it encourages your blood vessels to dilate, which helps make it easier to pump blood around your body and therefore carry essential nutrients to the muscles to use as fuel to power your workout.   Adaptive Health provides marketing material for Nugenix Thermo that states it is backed by eight studies that support the effectiveness of the key ingredients. The three major claims the company make for this product are that it:

Nugenix Thermo Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about nugenix.

Does Nugenix Work?

Yes, but it's not the best on the market by a long shot, you'd be far better served by one of the products on our best fat butners list. It's also only going to be effective at supporting your workouts, not suppress appetite very effectively.

Is Nugenix Thermo Safe?

It's an all natural fat burner, so yes it's safe. As long as you tollerate the ingredients, always read the label, but most people shouldn't have any issue. So you shouldn't have to worry about Nugenix Thermo side effects.

What is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the process of heating organisms, it requires energy, or calories, raising your body's temperature raises the amount of calories that you burn.

Customers Nugenix Thermo Reviews

The customer reviews for nugenix thermo are actually pretty positive scoring 4* on amazon, that said a fair number of those do look fake, after discounting those, we believed the reviews probably averaged closer to 3.5*. Most of the 1* reviews complained of stomach upset or heartburn, which can be a common side effect of capsacin. 

What Does Nugenix Thermo Claim To Do?

Nugenix Thermo makes some pretty bold claims, and whilst it is pretty good compared to some mass market fat burners, we wouldn't make it our first choice. It relies very heavily on caffeine and doesn't contain Glucomannan, which is the best ingredient for appetite suppression currently available. Nugenix Thermo, as the name suggests largely focuses on raising your metabolism, or in being a "thermogenic fat burner" but as these products go, that is typically the least effective element in terms of how effective they can be for fat loss.

Boost Thermogenesis

There's a few ingredients in Nugenix Thermo that do this, but it largely relies on caffiene. It's why it's not one of our favourite fat burners. But it will definitely raise your NEAT (none excersise activity thermogenesis).

Increase Energy

Nugenix claims to give you more energy and it's got a lot of caffeine and some ingredients that can improve insulin regulation, meaning less sugar crashes whilst dieting.

Improve Lean Muscle Mass

The ingredients it claims do this aren't the best, so we're not too convinced of this claim. Of course more energy does mean better workouts, but you're not going to do much without training.

Suppress Appetite

Nugenix Thermo has quite a few ingredients that are good for sugar regulation, meaning you'll be less likely to snack if you sugar crash, so we do believe it could be good for helping with cravings. That said for appetite suppression overall, it's not exactly great. Missing glucomannan the only ingredient most countries allow to be marketed as an effective appetite suppressant means it fails here.

  However, like other leading fat burning supplements on the market, using Nugenix Thermo alongside a low-calorie diet is recommended to support fat loss. There isn't a single magic-pill supplement on the market that will allow you to shed body fat without following a strict diet and exercise programme.  

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What is in Nugenix Thermo?

Nugenix Thermo comes in capsule form. The ingredients used in the formulation aim to help boost thermogenesis by raising body temperature and revving up your metabolism, so you burn more calories and body fat for energy. It is recommended to take two capsules each morning. This is a lot lower than the best fat burners on the market that recommend taking more pills throughout the day. 

 To be honest as much as we'd like to say this is a benefit to nugenix thermo, there is a reason all of the other brands tend to recommend a higher volume of pills, as such we do have some concerns that this could impact quite how effective nugenix thermo could be, this is something that comes up in quite a few other nugenix thermo reviews. Although their customers tend to prefer the less frequent dosage, it does mean missing out on some of the most effective weight loss ingredients like glucomannan, which is most effective in doses around 2000mg a day, meaning more pills. 

Due to the high caffiene content we'd not suggest taking nugenix thermo without food, as more than a few customers complained about digestive issues in their nugenix thermo reviews, and our experience was that not all of the capsules were well sealed, and we've noticed that fat burners using cayenne pepper extract in large dosages are more likely to have this issue and that generally makes the stomach issues far more likely.   

The active ingredients include:   

Caffeine Anhydrous: An effective and quickly absorbed energy booster, this ingredient can support fat burning by increasing thermogenesis and raising your metabolism, but seeing as this is where about 90% of Nugenix Thermo's effects come from, it's not really all that great.

        Cayenne Extract: A staple and well used naturally-sourced ingredient found in most good quality fat burning supplements. Cayenne extract can encourage thermogenesis, and some studies (although as many show the opposite) show it is successful in helping you keep your appetite under control.

        Chromium: This is excellent for helping to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. It is a popular ingredient in most leading brands of fat burner products because it can help you avoid blood sugar dips that lead you to cave into your carb cravings. However, 5HTP is a far more effective option, and at this price point we'd expect to see either it or glucomannan.
  Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract: A naturally-sourced extract that claims to help you burn fat without losing muscle. Most of these claims have now been debunked. And Nugenix have not updated the formula... 

        Green Coffee Bean Extract: This adds chlorogenic acid compound to the mix that can help regulate blood glucose levels and insulin response similarly to chromium. 

        L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: An amino acid that is widely used in sports supplements because it helps to boost your energy levels. 

    Niacin: This is Vitamin B3 and helps your digestion draw more energy from food. It is also essential for new red blood cell generation. Low niacin levels can lead to fatigue, and supplementing it can help keep your workout intensity high. 

        Sicilian Red Orange Extract: Not commonly found in other fat burning supplements, because it's been largely debunked, although there were some studies that initially suggested it could be effective.

        Vitamin C: While Vitamin C isn't known for its fat-burning properties, a lack of it can hinder weight loss. Those with adequate levels of Vitamin C can burn up to 30 per cent more fat during a workout compared to someone deficient in Vitamin C.

        Whole Coffee Fruit: Another source of caffeine that pretty much doubles up and doesn't add anything extra here.

      Nugenix Thermo contains lesser quantities of other naturally-sourced plant extracts such as ginger, green tea, and guarana. These extracts aren't in large enough doses to really do very much.

How Does Nugenix Thermo Work?

It's claimed that this product is formulated to help increase thermogenesis, but in reality it's an overpriced caffeine pill. The science behind increasing thermogenesis is that your body will run at a higher temperature to burn more body fat and calories from food as energy and there's a lot better options. Added to which termogenesis, is generally the least effective way to help with fat loss.  

Thermogenesis is a natural process that your body is undergoing all the time. It works by shedding energy into the air in the form of body heat. Your metabolism is forced to speed up to harness the energy your body needs to perform thermogenesis.    

To provide the fuel your body needs for thermogenesis, it will draw from the food you eat and your body fat reserves. As long as you follow a strict diet and fast between meals (not binging on sugary snacks), your body will utilise more body fat to fuel thermogenesis.  

Nugenix Thermo Review Conclusion

By using Nugenix Thermo, you will be consuming a lot of caffeine, so yes it will raise your BMR, slightly, but, it's not going to make a huge difference if you're not working out, or watching what you eat.

 If all you're looking for is a thermo boost it's fine, but there's better fat burning supplements available and you could probably get away with a caffeine pill.

We'd recommend that if you're looking for a high stimulant fat burner, you try Instant Knockout instead. This fat-burning product is particularly appealing to men who want to see better results from their gym sessions.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 5/10
Thermogenic Boost 10/10
Energy Boost 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 6/10
Ingredients Quality 8/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 7/10

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