Six Star Tesosterone Booster Reviews

Six Star, More Like One Star

This is one of the worst testosterone boosters we've come across, ultimately we're actually left quite confused by whoever put the Six Star Testosterone Booster ingredients list together. It's pretty much a slap dash collection of relatively random ingredients thrown into a capsule with testosterone booster stuck on the side. And the one thing they do get right, boron, isn't actually in a high enough dosage to be effective. We're reticent to even call six star testosterone booster a test supplement, but, they seem to think it should be branded as one so we'll review it as such. 

It misses out on pretty much every ingredient that we'd want to see in six star testosterone booster, ashwagandha, fenugreek, DAA, ginseng or any of the vitamins and minerals that are actually related to testosterone production, such as D, zinc and magnesium. In short, don't waste your money on six star testosterone booster, you'd be far better off getting anything from our best testosterone boosters list. To make matters worse they come in a very misleading 15 day supply, whereas most supplements come in 30 days. This leads to a rather deceptive pricing system, with the product really costing double what a lot of customers assume. (We found a lot of complaints about this). 

Although if you want a recommendation for a quick catch all supplement that covers all the bases then try Prime Male , it contains the aforementioned actual testosterone boosters, and has a dosage of Boron (10mg) that is actually effective. 

Customers Six Star Testosterone Booster Reviews

We were pretty surprised to see that a lot of the six star testosterone booster reviews were incredibly positive. We personally noticed a noticeable decrease in performance when swapping from our normal test boosters to six star, so assumed that people wouldn't like it all too much. So, we started reading through the several 1000 reviews that were on amazon. That's where it got weird, most 4 and 5 star reviews actually read a bit negatively. Saying it produced little results (a minor boost in energy) or complaining about the bottle size. We're not saying that 1000s of reviews repeating the same negative points should all be ranked at 5*, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen fake reviews being generated by copying real ones.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we saw when researching six star testosterone boosters

Six Star Testosterone Booster Side Effects

The ingredients in six star testosterone boosters are in such low dosages, there shouldn't be any side effects, this does also mean, that they won't work.

How to take six star testosterone booster?

If you must take Six Star, for some reason, then we recommend that you take the two pills with food to avoid any mild stomach upset which could occur.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Calcium 50mg - 50mg isn't really going to do much, there are some studies that show calcium supplementation can boost testosterone production, [1] but the minimum recommended daily intake is 2500mg, so we don't think that supplementing for such as small amount is all too likely to do much. 

Sodium 5mg - There have been some studies on rats that show sodium can boost testosterone production, but nothing that actually shows this would work for humans. Rhodiola Extract 386mg - There's potentially some benefit to this, although current studies are inconclusive and only show very minimal testosterone gains as compared to a placebo. [2] 

Rhodiola rosea seems to have a more pronounced effect on cortisol, which does lower testosterone, but unless you're currently under high stress it won't likely do anything. 

Ginkgo Extract 2.7mg - Once again, in relation to testosterone levels has only been shown in rat studies and even then it was 50mg/kilo of body weight to see results. We're not sure what 2.7mg is supposed to do. [3] Again a pointless ingredient.

Boron Citrate 100mg - This is actually only 5mg of actual boron, the problem with the six star testosterone booster dosage is that you need at least 8mg (usually about 9-10mg for the average sized man) for it to actually have any impact. [4] Six star testosterone booster came close to getting something right here. But, still managed to trip at the last hurdle. 

All in all six star testosterone booster could score lower, but only just.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Six Star Testosterone Boosters are awful for what they claim to do. Most of the ingredient lack any human clinical study and even in animals are barely effective. These are not good testosterone boosters, they won't improve athletic performance and honestly we're shocked that they market themselves as this type of supplement. 

If you're looking for something that will actually help improve athletic performance, boost muscle growth, and help you maintain peak testosterone, six star isn't for you. We have a list of effective testosterone booster supplements and what goals they're best designed for or alternatively if you're looking for a good all rounder then we recommend you check out Prime Male.

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