TestRx Review

Is TestRX Any Good?

Test RX is actually a pretty good testosterone booster, it's not quite made it onto our best list as it's functionally a slightly worse copy of TestoFuel, but if you've bought TestRX it's not a bad thing. It matches up with the winner of our best testosterone booster supplement in a lot of ways, even on DAA, covers all the basic vitamin requirements (although it could use some more vitamin D3), but does miss out on a couple of things, such as Panax Ginseng, and what looks like a good dosage of fenugreek seed extract is slightly misleading as it uses a weaker version. It's also slightly more expensive than the market leader although $5 per months supply is not the end of the world here, it's just another area where Test rx comes up a little short. 

All in all it's a good testosterone booster, but it's not in any way best in class. There's better boosters for healthy aging, better for muscle mass, and better overall on the market. That said, it's still one of the better options out there. We'd just advise you to get TestoFuel instead.

What TestRX Natural Testosterone Supplement Claims To Do?

To put it quite simply TestRX claims that it can raise testosterone levels, like most test boosters. This would in turn result in improved muscle growth, mood stabilization, fat loss and improved energy levels. They used to use a proprietary blend, but have since released their ingredients which means we can now actually say that they should actually work seeing as they're very similar to other boosters that we've seen positive testosterone level increases from.


  • Good Formula
  • Good DAA Amount
  • Vitamins and Minerals Covered


  • Poor Price Point
  • Only Available From Their Website
  • Could Use More Vit D
  • No Ginseng
  • Slightly Worse Than Testofuel In Every Way
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Customers TestRx Reviews

Generally speaking the reviews of TestRx are positive as testosterone supplements go. Testrx testosterone boosters will of course work for men with deficiencies, which is about half the US population, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Most reported positive muscle growth and weight loss. They also didn't seem to have many if any fake reviews on amazon, which is likely why they were just short of 4*.

TestRX Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about TestRx.

Is TestRX FDA Approved?

The answer here is no, but, all of the ingredients are individually approved for human consumption. TestRx is not specifically approved, but it is produced in factories approved to make these sort of dietary supplements. 

How To Take TestRX?

TestRX is designed to be taken as 2 capsules twice a day.

What about TestRx side effects?

Some studies have shown that men taking D aspartic acid for prolonged periods of time (longer than 3 months) have reported headaches. Otherwise all of the ingredients are well tolerated in humans.

What's In TestRX?

As far as the TestRx ingredients go, we're pretty happy with all of them in here, they've al been shown to enhance men's health, and promote healthy testosterone levels. They're well dosed for the most part, however, for optimal athletic performance and lean muscle mass growth higher rates of Vitamin D have been shown to work effectively. We'd have also liked to have seen either ginseng or ashwagandha included.

Vitamin D3 - Whilst 1000mg is more than enough to cover healthy levels, and boost low testosterone, if we're looking to maximise the athletic benefits the optimal dosage is closer to 5 times this amount[1].

Zinc - Zinc deficient men, showed dramatic improvements to testosterone levels when they took supplementation. However, zinc does only work for men with this deficiency.[2] 

Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K is mostly used to prevent testosterone suppression and is particularly positive for slowing testosterone decline. And TestRx has included the more bioavailable version K2. 

Vitamin B6 - B6 deficiencies supress testosterone levels, but that's not the only reason testrx would chose to include it, it also improves energy levels, helping aid workouts.

D Aspartic Acid - The dosage of 2300mg of D Aspartic acid matches up with our top ranked testosterone boosters. DAA has been shown repeatedly to be the most effective ingredient for boosting testosterone levels in healthy males, even in men who didn't work out[3].

Magnesium - Magnesium supplementation has been shown to increase testosterone production in males who train. It does also seem to benefit men who don't work out, however it produces more testosterone increases in males who do.[4]

Fenugreek - Fenugreek is well studied to boost free testosterone levels, with several studies corroborating it and marking it as significant[5]. Whilst the dose is still good, the version that it uses is only 50%, meaning the dosage is actually 150mg not 300mg as listed.

As we've mentioned there's a couple of ingredients missing, and more Vitamin d3 would be beneficial, but overall this is a pretty good blend. 

TestRX Review: Honest Conclusion

TestRx is a good testosterone booster. It's just not quite the best, we can't recommend it over the very similar, but slightly better and better priced Testofuel. The ingredients are good, we like the amount of DAA used, and there's nothing here that isn't of any use. 

That's about all we can say about it really, it's good, but you should just buy testofuel instead of TestRX and get a slightly better product for slightly less money. But, either way you're getting a solid testosterone booster.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 9/10
Muscle Growth 9/10
Mood 8/10
Libidio 9/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 8.5/10

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