TrimTone Review

Is TrimTone Fat Burner Any Good?

Marketed as a fat-burning supplement, can Trimtone capsules help burn body fat and shed the pounds? We take a closer look at this popular weight-loss supplement aimed at women to see if it lives up to its claims. 

And for those who want to get straight to the point, it didn't make it to our best fat burners for women list, although our Trimtone review isn't going to be horrible, it's formula is fine, but everything is dramatically under dosed to be effective. Most of the competition has 10-20X the volume of it's core ingredients and the amount that Trimtone advises you to take will have limited effect at best.

If you do wish to take Trimtone, we'd recommend buying some separate Glucomannan pills (the most effective, and most under dosed ingredient) and supplementing with those as well, but at that point it would be a lot easier to just get one of the better womens fat burning supplements .

TrimTone Review FAQ

The most commonly asked question about Trimtone Fat Burners

Can trimtone Help Me Lose Weight Without Diet And Exercise?

No, Trimetone is designed to help support weight loss by making it easier to stick to a low calorie diet rather than simply working by itself. This is true for all fat burners, whilst some will claim to hugely increase thermogenesis, but in general this is the smallest benefit that you'll get from any fat burner. Taking Trimtone should also improve exercise performance whilst on a calorie restricted diet due to the stimulants like caffeine anhydrous in the formula.

Can Trimtone Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

Yes and no. This is a question that we have to address in most of our fat burner overviews not just our Trimtone reviews. Dietary supplements can't help you spot reduce fat. Nothing can, people burn fat from different areas on their body at different rates and body composition is largely down to genetics and your exercise regimen. By building muscle in certain areas you can recompose your body slightly, but weight loss by itself will not achieve this result.

Is Trimtone Safe?

Tritone is generally considered safe to consume because it is made from all-natural ingredients and doesn't rely on laboratory-created compounds. It is a good choice of weight-loss capsule for those concerned about what they put into their body and only want to take supplements that use naturally-sourced ingredients with no cheap fillers.

What is Trimtone?

Tritone is a fat-burning weight loss supplement aimed at women. The manufacturers claim that it helps to promote weight loss by reducing the appetite and boosting your metabolism and energy levels through stimulating thermogenesis, which is a process that burns body fat for energy. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise programme, Trimtone claims to help you shed pounds while feeling 'rejuvenated and focused.' 

The effectiveness of these capsules hinges on a three-pronged approach: Suppressing the appetite, boosting energy levels (so you move more) and boosting thermogenesis. While this approach works with weight loss supplements aimed at both men and women, the manufacturers are also aware that clinical studies show that women tend to struggle more with food cravings than men due to fluctuating hormone levels throughout the month. 

This is one of the reasons why women find it harder to control hunger and makes losing weight more difficult.

The problem is that Trimtone fails at all three. Although this is all a huge improvement on their old formula which was largely reliant on now debunked raspberry ketones.

What Does Trimtone Get Wrong?

The main issue is that they really wanted to supplement to just be one capsule a day, and the unfortunate fact is that weight loss supplements don't work that way. To get effective dosages of the ingredients the problem is that they simply won't fit in to a single capsule. Particularly Glucomannan. And as a result of this what they price as a months supply, only contains about 1/5 of what it's higher dosage competition suggests you take. There's really only one complete duff ingredient in there, so we would've given that a pass in our Trimtone review if they'd dosed everything correctly.

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TrimTone Ingredients

The trimtone ingredients themselves aren't bad, it 's the single capsule that's the issue, their ingredients break down as follows: 

Caffeine anhydrous (120 mg): Including caffeine makes sense as it has been clinically proven to boost energy and stimulate your mind to help you through a workout. Caffeine also stimulates thermogenesis, allowing you to burn more body fat for fuel. Caffeine's an all around good ingredient to help you lose weight.

Glucomannan root fibre (100 mg): This is a well-researched and widely used plant fibre from the root of the Konjac plant. For centuries, this has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for many health benefits, including weight reduction, as it acts as an effective appetite suppressant. The ingredients great, the problem is that the best appetite suppressants, use 10-20X this amount for it to be effective. For context, 2000mg adds up to about a bagel when it swells up in your stomach to make you feel full. So 100mg isn't going to do all too much. This is the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant on the market, so not getting this right is a major loss.
Grains of paradise (40 mg): Most commonly known as a spice from the cardamom family, it is used in many popular fat-burning supplements to boost energy use by burning body fat for fuel. Some recent research has indicated that this extract can active brown adipose tissue, boosting thermogenesis, but the fact is these studies are not robust and most of the best womens fat burners don't use it for this reason.
Green coffee bean extract (100 mg): Popular in many leading weight-loss formulas, this plant extract has been shown to positively control fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, and serum insulin levels. It's in almost every fat burner on the market and green coffee extract is a good pick by trimtone.
Green tea leaf (100 mg): This is an extract from the Camellia sinensis plant. It has been widely used in Chinese medicine for centuries to relieve headaches, improve digestion, aid weight loss, and have anti-inflammatory properties that can fight disease. But, unfortunately it's not really that effective as a fat burner, it makes it into most supplements designed to help you lose weight, but it's likely just because it's relatively cheap as ingredients go, but it's not going to be the cornerstone of your weight loss journey.
Trimtone also misses out on one more key ingredient that we like to see in any fat burner for women, and that is 5HTP, it's effective at helping supress cravings specifically which is why it tends to make it into women's supplements over mens. But, missing this out is a major loss to a fat burner designed for women. 

TrimTone Customer Reviews

When we read through the customers Trimtone reviews across various sources, we found that users were leaning towards the positive side about the effectiveness of this product. But, there were a lot of negative reviews of Trimtone with customers saying it didn't help them lose weight. We expect this is likely due to the low dosages resulting in minimal effects, and users that had tried the likes of leanbean or hourglass fit (similar products with much higher doses) were most disappointed by the effects.Granted a few of the Trimtone reviews were people optimistically trying to use the product as a meal replacement, which is not what the supplement is intended to do, but we didn't pay much attention to those.

Trimtone Review: Conclusion

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 3/10
Thermogenic Boost 4/10
Energy Boost 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Ingredients Quality 9/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10

Trimtone would not be our first choice for a womens fat burner. It just isn't up to scratch. Honestly writing the Trimtone review was one of the most disappointing we've ever done, somehow it manages to get almost everything right and almost everything wrong at the exact same time.

It may have some use, but its way less effective than those that actually get the dosages right, it will help to a point, but getting the ingredients right isn't enough for our trimtone review to be positive if they can't get the dose right. 

It feels like they've prioritised selling ease of use over something that actually works.If you're looking for a supplement to help you lose weight, you're fat better off picking something off our list of the best fat burners for women.