Weider Prime Testosterone Support Review

Does Weider Prime Testosterone Boost Performance?

Weider Prime is marketed as a natural testosterone booster food supplement. It is targeted at men and claims to help boost male vitality and physical energy levels.

But to decide if this testosterone support supplement is right for you, you must understand how important testosterone is for your health and how supplementing with natural testosterone boosters work to help achieve your goals.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It is a steroid hormone produced in men's testicles and in smaller amounts in women's ovaries. The adrenal glands also make small quantities.

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that drive puberty changes in boys, leading them to develop a deeper voice, hair growth, and muscle gain. But making sure you have optimal levels throughout life and into old age is essential if you want to live a long and healthy life. There are better options than weider prime, check out our best testosterone boosters list instead.

Why take Weider Prime Testosterone boosters?

For men wanting to improve their performance in the gym and make the muscle gains they want, it can help to increase your testosterone levels to help stimulate rapid gains in muscle mass and boost your overall vitality.   There is a myriad of benefits associated with increasing your testosterone levels, especially if they are low. Benefits of boosting your testosterone levels include improved bone density and reduced risk of stress fractures, higher sex drive, increased protein synthesis, improved mood levels and stability, better focus and concentration levels, and lower body fat accumulation.

Weider Prime Review FAQ

Some of the most common questions we came across from other weider prime reviews

Is Weider Prime Safe?

Yes, it is safe, the ingredients are naturally occuring, and it is not classed as medcation. All of the ingredients are deemed safe for human consumption. 

Is Weider Prime FDA Approved?

Weider prime is not FDA approved as it comes into a category of supplements that do not require regulation, but all of the ingredients are deemed to be safe by the FDA.

How To Take Weider Prime Testosterone?

We recommend that you don't take Weider tesosterone on an empty stomach as there have been several complaints about stomach discomfort by people who have done this.

How Effective Is Weider Prime? 

Middling, it's better than no test booster, but is nowhere near as effective as the best on the market, it is relatively cheap, which is why it's so popular, but if you can afford the extra $10 a bottle, you can get something that's going to be two or three times more effective if you check our best test boosters list.

What Does Weider Prime Claim To Do?

Let's have a look at if it does what it says it can do, weider's testosterone supplement claims that it can, improve focus and concentration, boost stregnth, and reduce body fat. Honestly, we're not too fond of these claims, whilst testosterone does have impact on this, the way Weider Test Booster makes these claims isn't great.

Reduce Body Fat

Testosterone does help your body break down fat, but not by itself, it can give you more energy and help with this, but weider's ingredients aren't really well suited to this aside from minor test level improvements.  

Improve Focus

Claims like this are generally better suited to nootropics, again yes, it can, but focus is more the realm of other supplements and less a product which heavily relies on Ashgawanda as it's main ingredient.

Increase Stregnth

We'll give them this one, most studies will verify that testosterone improvements by themselves will result in increased stregth and improvements to lean muscle mass. But, as before there are a lot of better options than weider.


  • Not Expensive
  • None Proprietary Blend
  • Known and Trusted Brand
  • Safe Ingredients
  • Made In FDA Approved Factories


  • There's a lot better products available
Check Our Best Testosterone Boosters List

Does Weider Prime Work?

So, a lot of the ingredients in Weider Prime have been proven to work individually, so the short answer is yes, the longer answer is other products work better. We like some of the well-researched and proven natural ingredients in this product; for example, Weider Prime contains a healthy dose of ashwagandha extract. 

There are only a few natural testosterone boosters that are supported by scientific studies – ashwagandha is one of them.   Ashwagandha is a well known herb that is backed up by a lot of scientific research. One study tested the effects of ashwagandha oninfertile men and found a 17% increase in testosterone levels and a 167% uplift in sperm productoin.    

Weider Prime testosterone support marketing materials claim that this supplement will help to boost your energy, reduce your body fat, and help maintain lean muscle.   Looking at what is contained in the capsules can help you to understand why they can make these claims and how taking it may help to boost your testosterone levels.     

Weider Prime Ingredients

Weider Prime contains a good base of essential vitamins that helps to support sound general health, such as Vitamin D3, B6, and B12. The naturally-sourced performance and testosterone boosting ingredients include:    

Ashwagandha: A plant from India widely used for hundreds of years in herbal medicine.
Chromium: An essential mineral that helps support fat loss and muscle mass maintenance.
    Cordyceps Extract: A fungus extract that is used in Chinese herbal medicine to help treat male sexual problems.
Diindolylmethane (DIM): A naturally occurring compound in the body during digestion that helps support a balanced level of estrogen and testosterone.
    Piperine: A black pepper extract that is known to help you better digest and absorb the nutrients from supplement ingredients.
    Zinc: An essential immune-boosting mineral that helps to fight infection and boost cognitive processes.

What's Missing From Weider Prime

Well quite a lot actually there's a reason it only appears on our best testosterone boosters list as the budget option. We think it would benefit from D Aspartic acid and k3 in particular. Both of these tend to not make it into budget test boosters despite being some of the more effective and arguably the most effective aside from vitamin D. 

The Benefits Of Weider Prime

Like any other sports supplement or testosterone boosting product on the market, you need to give this supplement time to work to be able to reap any benefit. Many people looking to increase their testosterone naturally cannot expect overnight results.   Most of the positive feedback coming from customer comments are from those that incorporated the product into a long-term diet and exercise plan and saw gradual improvements over several weeks of use.   One of the main things we like about Weider Prime is the inclusion of well-researched ingredients such as ashwagandha extract. This product contains numerous ingredients that are helpful for those who are seeking a boost in testosterone. Plus, we like the fact that the size of the capsules makes it easy to swallow this supplement.  

Is Weider Prime Safe?

Like most natural tesosterone boosters weirder prime is safe. Unless you have a particular allegen issue there shouldn't be any problems, although some people have said they've had some irritation after consuming on an empty stomach.

Does Weider Prime Work?

When you read the customer feedback and comments from users of Weider Prime, you will see there are mixed reviews – some positive and some negative. Opinions are generally divided over its effectiveness.    

Diving deeper, you will find many customer testimonials saying that Weider Prime worked for them, helping with weight loss, gaining or retaining muscle mass while following a cutting diet, for example.   What we found is that most of the negative comments coming from customers were about experiencing stomach pain or intestinal distress after consumption.   It may be that taking these capsules on an empty stomach is the leading cause of these complaints. 

Taking these capsules with food can quickly resolve many of these issues.     

However, users also give feedback that says they have seen zero results from using this product. But we don't know any of the backgrounds of these users, so we don't know how they were using this supplement or if they were following a strict diet and exercise regime.    

Overall, the general opinion of Weider Prime seems to be a little better than average compared to other testosterone boosting supplements on offer in the same price range.

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