Burn PM Review

Is Burn PM an Effective Body Fat Burner or Not?

Sculpt Nation Burn PM is marketed as a night time recovery fat-burning food supplement. The manufacturers claim that the combination of unique ingredients helps to reduce your stress hormones, enabling you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply while simultaneously improving your metabolism during sleep to help you burn more calories.

Quite a few bold claims going on there, right? When we looked closely at the ingredient list, we found that Burn PM lacked pretty much any way of actually achieving their claims. Shock right? We're not fans of "night time fat burners" at Center TRT, and that's because pretty much the only thing that can help you burn up more calories without increasing fat burning during exercise or suppressing appetite, is you guessed it, stimulants. And stimulants don't make for great before bed options. As you'd expect most burn pm reviews that aren't coming from a third part site that's been paid to be positive typically agree with us.

In short Burn PM, like all night time fat burning supplements don't burn fat and are functionally a scam. That doesn't mean that all fat burners are a sham, just that if you want something that actually works, it's either going to contain a functional craving or appetite suppressant to help you stick to a diet through the day, a stimulant, or something that can help you burn fat more efficiently through exercise. We generally recommend Instant Knockout , but, if you want something without a stimulant then we suggest you pick something from our best fat burners list.

The one thing that may "technically" help you lose weight, although not fat is that Burn PM contains diuretic ingredients that will make you pee more often, just what you want before bed....

What does Sculpt Nation Burn PM claim to do?

If the manufacturers are hanging their hat on the effectiveness of the carb-blocking ingredients alone, we see no evidence that they will help you burn any extra calories or boost your metabolism. 

Carb blockers work to reduce blood glucose spikes in the blood from eating carbohydrate-rich foods. They do nothing to help burn body fat. But, wild claims with limited to no accuracy is something that we've come to expect from Sculpt Nations fat burners. Their flagship product isn't exactly much better.

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Burn PM Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Sculpt Nation Burn PM.

Does Burn PM Work?

No, burn PM does not work as a fat burner, it may help you lose some water weight in the short term.

Is Burn PM Safe?

Burn PM should be safe, although extended use of diarhetics can have negative consequences.

What is Nighttime Fat Burner?

Burn PM is marketed as a nighttime fat burner, which are very popular supplements on the market. Like other nighttime fat burners on the market, Burn PM is supposed to boost thermogenesis to help you burn body fat for energy, therefore losing weight while you sleep.

 Like other nighttime fat burners, they don't really work, and are probably one of the biggest shams when it comes to fat burning supplements.

What about the Burn PM ingredients?

So, what exactly does Burn PM contains? Let's take a look. In each two-capsule dose, Bun PM provides: 

Dandelion Root Powder (200 mg): This can help prevent bloating and is an effective diuretic. So, not a fat burner. Green Coffee Bean Extract (260 mg): Works to help the body burn more fat when exercising, and reduce lean muscle loss. So, no help unless you sleep jog.

L-Tryptophan (80 mg): An amino acid that may boost levels of melatonin and serotonin. The dose here is not high enough, and studies show more benefits come from taking it intravenously rather than orally. But, in theory it could help you sleep better on an empty stomach, in theory. There's no evidence to support this though.

Lemon Bulb [Aerial Parts] Extract (4 mg): Lemon Bulb is a popular herbal insomnia remedy. Still, it is more usual to take it in doses of 300-600 mg, so 4mg is pretty insignificant. This could have been good to help you sleep, but still, not a fat burner. You may be beginning to notice a trend here. 

Melatonin (5.4 mg): This hormone helps manage sleep and waking cycles. Current research isn't generally supportive of the value of taking melatonin supplements for better sleep. Again, it does nothing to burn fat. 

Raspberry Ketones (300 mg): A completely debunked ingredient, had some positive animal studies about 10 years ago, but human trials showed no positive results. [1]

Saffron Bulb Extract (10 mg): According to research, 176.5 mg of saffron extract, taken twice per day, can help to reduce snacking. However, the 10 mg provided here is hardly likely to do the same. [2] Plus, if you're asleep you're not eating. Not any use.  

Vitamin D (60 mcg): A fat-soluble vitamin that aids immune function and testosterone production, if you're deficient this could be useful, and a lot of the population are, but a vitamin D pill is a lot cheaper. [3]

White Kidney Bean Extract (300 mg): This extract can help lower calorie consumption by reducing the number of calories the body gets from carbohydrates. Unless you actively stuff yourself with high-carb food before bed, it really isn't needed in a fat-burning supplement. These ingredients are hardly unique or noteworthy, despite the manufacturer making some strong claims for their effectiveness.  

The apparent lack of well-researched appetite suppressing or thermogenic ingredients makes us wonder if it would be effective for anyone who actively fights night time hunger pangs. If anything, any weight loss is likely to be as a result of peeing more. 

What is missing from Burn PM? For a start, Burn PM could be improved 100 per cent by adding an effective appetite suppressant such as glucomannan. Glucomannan is one of the most highly effective, natural appetite suppressants currently available and is a staple ingredient in the leading brands of fat-burner on the market. Or a craving suppressant such as 5HTP. 

Although Burn PM claims to help boost thermogenesis, it would be vastly improved by adding proven thermogenic ingredients such as capsicum or caffeine, although the latter can be forgiven. These help boost metabolism and lead to more body fat being used to create heat energy. This is where Burn PM fall flat on its face for claiming to be an effective thermogeneic.

Burn PM Review Conclusion

You can tell from reading this review that our research team were not blown away with Burn PM. 

This product seems to offer nothing to help support you during your waking hours concerning reducing your appetite between meals, which is when we need the most support from an effective fat-burning supplement.In our honest opinion, you should look elsewhere for your fat-burning supplement support. 

If you want an effective night time appetite suppressant without stimulants, pick hunter burn, or if you want a day time fat burner that actually encourages you to burn more fat, then chose instant knockout

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 2/10
Thermogenic Boost 1/10
Energy Boost 1/10
Customer Satisfaction ?/10
Ingredients Quality 1/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 1/10

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