Healthy Weight In The Community

Our healthy weight section contains the countries PDF resources for medical proffessionals and the general publics use. The charts below will give an indication of if you are a healthy weight for your height.

Center Trt Healthy Weight PDF

Understanding Healthy Weight

The below charts will tive you an indicator if you are a healthy BMI (these numbers to not apply to athletes with a high percentage of muscle mass). This image will show you the weight for a healthy for a female and by what height. The same applies for men, it is recommended body fat percentages where there is a varience between the sexes.

if BMI is less than 18.5 it is considered underweight body
if Body Mass Index is between 18.5 and 25 then it is normal body
if BMI is between 25 and 30 then it is overweight category
if BMI is greater then 30 it is obese

If you are currently obese we have recommended excersise and diet programs designed to not overload your joints available here.

When calculating a healthy weight however, it is improtant that we don't simply default to BMI, whilst BMI is useful for giving a rough indicator, it doesn't account for the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, overall health, activity leves or age. 

Below we'll look at healthy body fat ranges, which are a much better indicator of actual overall health.

Healthy Body Fat Ranges

Healthy Body Fat Percentagaes For Women And Men

Measuring with body fat percentages is far more effective in telling if your are a healthy size. However, this is generally quite difficult to do for untrained eyes and people very much self report incorrectly. We've added some helpful little cartoons below, but we know this isn't perfect. 

Example Body Fat Percentages Men and Women

You'll notice that women should have more body fat than men on average, this is due to fat storage around the hips and breast being substantially larger for women. This distribution varies based on a persons individual genetics, and without calipers a completely accurate representation cannot be achived. However, the examples on the right should give some reasonably indication. 

There are multiple examples of people claiming spot fat reduction can be done, but "fat burning" does not take place on a regional level, this cannot be done and any substantial fat loss can only be achieved through a caloric deficit. That means that you need to use more calories than you intake.

Correct vitamin and mineral intake will assist with energy levels, mood and the body's abilitiy to break down fat, so maintaining a balanced diet is as essential as you require vitamins and minerals to assist with fat burning.

For people particularly struggling with weight management, we recommend using meal replacement shakes to assist with calorie management.

Weight Management Support Group Template

Setting up a weight loss support group doesn't have to be hard. See the below template for how to structure a group.

Weight Management 
Support Template

Other Helpful Advice

Meal Replacement Shakes Help

Use of meal replacement shakes was shown to be 40% more effective than diet plans alone for weight loss aimed at delivering a healthy weight, this is likely due the ease of calorie managment and reduced likelihood of binging or snacking. Mass anecdotal evidence also supports this, however, please make sure to look for "complete" meal replacement options as these are designed to contain all essential micro nutrients.

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