Keto GT Reviews 2023 - Don't Waste Your Money

Keto GT Advance Weight Loss Is Terrible, and Keto GT Advanced Ketosis Isn't Much Better.

The first question that makes reviews of Keto GT a little awkward, is that there are quite a few versions of the product, that people unsurprisingly get confused as they look very similar in terms of packaging. At least we saw a lot of customers Keto GT Reviews would suggest that is the case. The two versions are Keto GT Advanced Weight Loss and Keto GT Advanced Ketosis. The weight loss supplement, which claims to be a fat burner is one of the worst we've come across short of the ones that are dangerous, containing debunked ingredients and a small catch all of vitamins, that aren't even important in supporting weight loss. 

As for Keto GT Advanced Ketosis, it's pretty middle of the road, and arguably a bit lower. There's much better Keto support supplements available on the market for avoiding keto flu (the unwell feeling you have when transitioning to a keto diet) and helping you start the ketosis process quicker. Keto GT (AK) does seem to come in relatively low in terms of active ingredients, although due to it being a "proprietary blend" we can't necessarily say that all Keto GT pills are in line with our analysis of the ingredients, there could be variance between batches we're unaware of, etc. That all said, it is at a relatively low price point in the market, so the question really comes down to whether or not the supplement is good value for the money, as it certainly isn't one of the best keto supplements available. Well, at least that's what Keto GT would like you to think. At first $25 may seem like decent value. But, when you realise that a bottle only contains 30 pills and they suggest 2-6 a day, a 5 day supply at $25 is far less appealing. 

All in all we don't recommend either of the Keto GT options, if you're looking for a general weight loss supplement we suggest you check out our best fat burners list or if you're looking for something that helps with ketosis we'd suggest keto charge for a much better product at a better price point as it only contains the ketones that you're looking for, thus 2 pills a day is actually enough, rather than requiring 6, so you actually get a months supply in the bottle and you know that the supplement isn't padded with cheap fluff

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A Note About Keto

If you've already spent time on the pros and cons of keto, then feel free to skip this section. Generally speaking we tend to prefer weight loss supplements that focus on appetite suppression and increased energy levels, as these are usually more effective for weight loss as most people unfortunately can't properly stick to a keto diet. That's not to say that nobody can, and it does work for some people, but a large portion of people fail without even realizing that they are and this requires some information and brief discussion.

Something we don't normally do at Center TRT

We're going to tell a quick anecdotal story about Keto - Whilst at a multiple sclerosis conference several years ago in Berlin, I was discussing the Ketogenic diet as a treatment for epilepsy with a renowned neurologist, I was personally curious as neurology is not my specialist field as to why keto was typically only prescribed as a third or fourth option for treatment (in other words only used as treatment for pharmacologically resistant epilepsy [1] ), despite being more effective than many of the drug treatments. His response was unfortunately quite expected. It turned out that even when people's lives depended on it, more than half couldn't actually stay on the diet to maintain medical ketosis[2]. This could also be reflective of the term period required being for life, however, it is still worth noting. The diet itself is also often misunderstood, with people neglecting to track calories which is still a requirement on keto, your body may prefer to burn fat cells as fuel, but, if you are not in a caloric deficit, the diet will also not work. We generally recommend a high protein diet for weight loss, over keto as it tends to be more sustainable over the high fat diet of keto. However, that isn't to say that keto won't work for some people and if you are someone who keto fits with their lifestyle great.

I have personally tried Keto, short term it was fine, but long term my preference has been towards large portions of low calorie foods. Different diets are sustainable for different people, this is relatively normal so finding something that works for you is important. The last time I entered Ketosis I used Keto Charge, for the purposes of this review I have also re-entered ketosis with Keto GT, with Keto Charge being a better experience from memory, although this is hardly a scientific test.

However, if you're looking to lose weight and haven't tried other diet options we, much like in the case of the conference doctor, would recommend you try something easier to stick to first. 

Our recommendation is that if you haven't tried a high protein diet, using meal replacement shakes to assist with calorie tracking, or glucomannan based weight loss supplements (glucomannan expands 50X in the stomach so works as an appetite suppressant) then these could well be an easier starting point. 

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Your can check out our list of the best womens fat burners and altternatives to Keto GT here.

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Customers Keto GT Reviews

Customers Keto GT Reviews are mixed at best. They're terrible for Keto GT advanced weight loss, which isn't surprising as it's a poor fat burner, and some people also mistakenly bought it thinking it would help with the ketosis process. Even walmart's curated reviews had 1*'s all round from the only verified purchase. As for Keto GT Advanced Ketosis, this did fair a little bit better across the board, still not great. And not a candle on our top rated keto pill, Keto Charge. 

The keto support and metabolic support versions of Keto GT came in at around 3.5* with a lot of the 5* reviews being bumped up by none verified purchases. So, we suspect it's somewhat lower. Keto GT's overhyped advertising, and misleading promises have led to a series of poor reviews with their supplements not actually directly helping lose weight. The only thing that we can really say that any of their supplements should be able to do, is minimally help reduce the impact of Keto flu, but that is assuming you do everything else right.

Keto GT Review FAQ

The most common questions we came across when researching out Keto GT Review

Is Keto GT Safe?

That depends as to which version of Keto GT we're talking about, if it's the advanced weight loss supplement, then no. Well, yes, but also not really. There's one ingredient in it that is dangerous as well as useless, although it is in relatively rare cases. As for the ketosis supplement, that should be fine.

Does Keto GT Really Work?

The weight loss supplement, no. The keto pill, sort of. It's not the best, it will reduce keto flu symptoms, but won't help you lose weight. 

How To Take Keto GT Pills?

If it's the weight loss supplement, to the trash can. Don't bother. If it's the ketosis version take 2 capsules 3 times a day adding up to a total of 6 keto gt pills a day. 

Is Keto GT FDA Approved?

No, supplements based on natural extracts of foods that have been marked as safe for human consumption do not require individual FDA approval.

Keto GT Ingredients

Keto GT Advanced Weight Loss Supplement

Raspberry ketones - the lead ingredient here is the completely debunked raspberry ketones, they did show some initial promise in animal trials, but once tested in humans as weight loss supplements, they were shown to be completely ineffective at supporting weight loss. [3] Also despite their name they have no impact on the Keto diet what so ever.

Sodium Chloride - Yes that is salt, they listed salt as an ingredient, regular table salt. No this will not help your weight loss journey as we're sure anyone reading this is probably aware.

Garcinia Cambogia - This ingredient is most well known for being used in ineffective weight loss supplements and is potentially harmful, although in very few cases, has been reported to have caused liver failure [4]. The 11 studies that have been done on it have shown it to be ineffective [5].

Calcium Carbonate - This is baking soda, again, this doesn't help you lose weight, and we're sure you're all so shocked. Putting the chemical names of things on the label, feels like a really underhand tactic here.

Magnesium Citrate - Here we have a laxative, which could technically help with weight loss in the short term, although we're not sure in the way that keto gt pills would like you to think it will.

Mango Seed Powder - Another ingredient that has functionally no effect on promoting weight loss, leaving Keto GT as a complete failure.

Keto GT Advanced Ketosis

This version of the Keto GT pills is a little bit better in terms of functionality. In that at least it does something other than potentially do you harm. If you're looking for something that will simply help stave off Keto flu, then then this version of the Keto GT Pill will actually work. If however, you're looking for something to work as a stand alone on your weight loss journey, then again there isn't much here.

BHB Ketones as Magnesium bhb, calcium beta hydroxybutyrate and sodium beta hydroxybutyrate - These bhb ketones are a pretty standard affair in terms of ketogenic support ingredients. So, we have no real issue here. Except for the fact we have no idea how much of Keto GT is actually these ketone bodies, as it would be a lot cheaper to pad it with the rest of the ingredients and the fact that they suggest servings of up to 6 pills a day, we suspect not as much as we'd like. This will also have no benefit to weight loss if you are not practicing a keto diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar - A cheap filler ingredient used by low quality weight loss supplements, studies are mixed on it's efficacy, although generally speaking we don't know why it would belong in a supplement solely for keto diets.

Macadamia Nut Oil - There are some studies in mice which support the use of macadamia nut oil [6]. Most animal studies don't actually transfer over to humans and there is no backing currently, however the theory behind the science in this case does look like it should, the catch is however, you would need grams of it, not milligrams for it to be effective.

Green Tea Leaf - This is an OK ingredient for a fat burner, it's not going to help with ketosis and the studies show it only has a minimal effect on assisting the weight loss process overall. It does appear in some of the better fat burning supplements on the market, but it is usually the worst ingredient in those much better products. 

Keto GT Review Conclusion

Keto GT reviews often cite being mislead. We'd say that's a fair issue with Keto GT products all around. Whether it be the misleading pricing/serving sizes, the disingenuous marketing campaigns and the fact that the one product we can actually see the ingredients list in full is a none functional product there is nothing to recommend here at all.

It's possible that the ketosis version could help stave off Keto Flu, but not as well as Keto Charge does. As for Keto GT's so called Advanced Weight Loss Formula, you should avoid this overpriced baking soda and salt mix... (the cheek of packing up such a product and branding it for weight loss is astounding) just buy any weight loss supplement from the list of good fat burners we put together and you'll be a lot happier as they actually include ingredients that result in people having actually lost weight.

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 1/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 2/10
Customer Satisfaction 1/10
Ingredients Quality 1/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 1/10

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