RazaLEAN Review

Does RazaLEAN Work?

RazaLEAN: A Complete Failure Of A Supplement

Razalean is a trash tier supplement made with cheap filler ingredients with the price point of a high quality fat burner. It wouldn’t be allowed to make the claims that it does if it was sold outside of the USA as it contains next to no useful ingredients aside from those that contain caffeine. Compared to anything that contains glucomannan (an ingredient required to make weight loss claims in many countries outside of the EU) it has next to no appetite suppression. And the few effective ingredients that it does actually have, Razalean has in low quantities. It has terrible customer reviews, and is one of the worst fat burners on the market for side effects. RazaLean PM, their other product, doesn’t fair much better, although it’s not actually quite as bad as their flagship.

We cannot stress enough that we do NOT recommend RazaLEAN and it should be avoided.

If you’re in the market for a high stimulant fat burner we recommend that you buy instant knockout  instead, and if you don’t tolerate caffeine overly well then we’d say check out something from our best fat burners list .

What does RazaLEAN claim to do?

Razalean claims that it’s proprietary blend (which after testing is clearly hidden for a reason) helps you lose weight by blocking fat production. This isn’t actually a thing that happens. Some, ingredients (not actually contained in RazaLean) have been shown to bind fat in the digestive system or to help you fat cells break down more effectively during exercises, but that’s the closest thing that any fat burners have and as we said RazaLEAN doesn’t actually contain the ingredients which do that. It does however contain a lot of caffeine as you’d expect from it’s “3X caffeine matrix”.

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RazaLEAN Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about RazaLean diet pills.

Is RazaLEAN FDA Approved?

Whilst RazaLEAN like to stick FDA stickers all over their products, they’re not actually FDA approved, this is a common trick with weight loss aids. They’re produced in FDA approved facilities and the products only contain ingredients that are deemed safe for human consumption, which means they don’t actually require FDA approval.

RazaLean Side Effects

Lack or sleep, nausea, being $70 poorer and being frustrated at having made the purchase. We don't recommend razalean weight loss supplements to help you lose weight and burn fat.

RazaLEAN Ingredients

Now onto the fun part, if the customer reviews weren’t enough to put you off this is the bit where we actually break down what’s in the product. 

Unfortunately, RazaLEAN diet pills are a proprietary blend which does mean that we can’t be 100% sure on the exact numbers of each ingredient, however, we can say with certainty that the dosages of many can’t possibly be high enough and the majority of them have no impact. As is required by food labels, the largest ingredient must be listed at the top of a label in a blend like this, so we know what the majority ingredients are.

Cayenne Pepper – This isn’t a bad ingredient and we’re going to assume generously that it’s at least 100mg meaning it’s actually an effective dosage. Cayenne pepper extract has been shown to make the body raise its temperature, burning calories, however, we are talking about a relatively minimal difference here. Maybe 50 calories per day, at most. Not a bad ingredient, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of a good fat burner, and typically isn’t. 

Kelp – Pointless, there is absolutely no evidence that this amount of kelp powder will help aid weight loss in any way. One study showed it could help, but it required 6g a day, and a minimum of 3 to have any effect at all, whereas lower amounts were not effective. The entire RazaLEAN supplement is only 10% the size of this. [1] 

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is something that we only ever really see in US fat burners. Apple cider vinegar has also been debunked in this form of supplement. [2] Drinking it can suppress appetite through nausea, but that’s not a good thing. 

L Arginine – L Arginine is also not a bad ingredient, but it’s not fully proven, it also needs to be taken in relatively high doses, 200mg plus and considering it’s low down on the ingredients list of a product that only contains 600mg…. it’s easy to figure out this isn’t going to be good enough. HCL – A debunked ingredient [3] see reference. 

Caffeine X3 – it’s caffeine, sure it works, it raises energy levels, improves metabolism etc but, it’s caffeine. A caffeine pill doesn’t cost $70. Estimates are that the combined total of caffeine is around 200mg. Which means that if you want all the effects of RazaLEAN without the side effects by having one strong double espresso. 

Raspberry Ketones – a debunked ingredient that does nothing to aid weight loss, some animal studies in the early 2000’s showed some potential, but all human tests have shown that they’re completely ineffective. [4] 

5-HTP – Good ingredient, but it’s quite expensive, it’s also at the bottom of the list for RazaLEAN and needs to be in doses of around 150mg, but odds of it being any more than 10mg are low and as a result it would not be useful at all. 5HTP is mostly a craving suppressant. 

Generally speaking, if a fat burner is less than 2200mg per serving it’s not likely to work as an appetite suppressant. Glucomannan would’ve made this better, but even that wouldn’t make this train wreck a good supplement, it would’ve just made it mediocre. We’re honestly not sure how anyone could write a positive RazaLEAN review unless it was due to the placebo effect.   

RazaLEAN Review Conclusion

We categorically do not recommend RazaLEAN diet pills, they’re ineffective at best and are going to give you nasty side effects at worst. There are a lot of good fat burners on the market so there really isn’t a need to settle for mediocrity. Proprietary blends are normally a bad sign, they typically mean people are using cheap filler ingredients rather than anything that’s actually effective. 

It does rank well for boosting energy, but what do you expect from something with 200mg of caffeine.

RazaLEAN is a glorified caffeine pill not weight loss supplements. We’d recommend that you get something from our best fat burners list instead. There's no reason to chose razalean over other better weight loss supplements.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 2/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 3/10
Ingredients Quality 1/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 3/10


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