Animal Cuts Review

Is Animal Cuts Any Good?

Animal Cuts: A Love Hate Relationship

Animal's supplements are known for containing a lot of ingredients, and Animal Cuts isn't an exception, this has positives and negatives, you've got to take a lot of pills in one day, but you do get a lot of ingredients. The question is, does there need to be that much and are they using the right ingredients? Well, sadly, our Animal Cuts Review tells us they've fallen a little short of everything we'd like to see in a fat burner. In fact for most people our animal cuts review is going to sound like a complete disaster. That's not to say it's not a good option in some cases, but it's not for 99% of people looking for fat burners. This is a bodybuilders supplement through and through. And we're talking body builder getting ready for a show and wanting to strip down every last drop of water weight, not for anyone above 12% body fat looking to drop a few pounds and lean down for summer (the majority of the people looking for fat burners and appetite suppression). 

The main area it falls short in, is appetite suppression, missing out on glucomannan[1] (the one ingredient that most western countries allow clinical claims on for appetite suppression and the most effective by far) is simply a complete loss in a weight loss supplement which requires you to take 18 pills a day! Perhaps they thought the volume of the pills would make up for skimping on the glucomannan? So, unless that 1-2lbs of fat really matter to you, we don't recommend this product. Most people struggle to stick to a program that asks them to take any more than 4[2], so 18 is a bit much. If you're 99% of the market, you'd be better off picking something from our best fat burners for men list or best fat burners for women list. So, now we've established who the product is really for, let's get on with our animal cuts review.

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Our Personal Experience: Our Animal Cuts Reviews

We couldn't review Animal Cuts without having some of their team try it, but realising this isn't a product for the general public we handed it to Center TRT's resident gym rats to get their animal cuts reviews. Jean and Mike, had mixed opinions on this one, it was a lot of pills to be taking, especially for Mike (he uses creatine pills over powder so it meant with basic vitamins not covered in animal cuts he was taking almost 20 pills twice a day. This he said was completely unmanageable and resulted in an incredibly upset stomach, similar to his experience with Animal Stak.

Whilst animal cuts says you should only take it for 3 weeks, before having a break, his opinion was that's all anyone would be likely to last and only if they were attempting to lose weight via the water shedding complex for a specific one off event ie a show, wedding or the like. He did rate it's efficacy highly and did notice what appeared to be a reduction in water weight.

As for our other gym rat, Jean, he was more of a fan, he did have a lot excess water weight to play with, but, saw positive results, and didn't mind taking the extra pills too much, although both were in agreement, that to have so many pills in a fat burner, that claims to suppress appetite without glucomannan was a poor choice. Especially for people at very low levels of body fat.

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Animal Cuts Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Animal Cuts.

Does Animal Cuts Work?

Yes, animal cuts works. But, and it's a big caveat here. Not for prolongued periods of time. This is NOT a day to day appetite supressant, and not something that we'd recommend taking for any prolongued period of time due to it's diuretic effects.

Is Animal Cuts Safe?

It is safe, as long as you don't take it for longer than the recommended time period and make sure to stay hydrated. 

How To Take Animal Cuts?

There's a lot of pills here, so don't take them on an empty stomach. You take 9 pills twice a day, and you need to make sure to drink plenty of water whilst takig animal cuts.

What about the Animal Cuts Ingredients?

Animal Cuts IngredientsLike other Animal products (see animal stak) they break their ingredients down into subcategories, ie those that are for craving suppression, cortisol inhibiting complex, those that are for energy levels, their stimulant complex and so on.

As a stimulant, animal cuts is off to a strong start with caffeine anhydrous in plentiful supply, along with the likes of kola nut, although we could do without the raspberry ketones as they've been all but completely debunked at this point.

The problem with these complexes however, is that they overlap, for example, capsimax (via cayenne pepper) is not in the metabolic boosting section, it's in the bioavailability section, which if you were to take the metabolic complex by itself it would look pretty weak.So to break down the ingredients we liked and didn't, we have to take the complex as a whole. If you're looking for a quick version before we go into a lot of detail. Has a lot of good stuff, misses out on some key vitamins (b6 & b12), doesn't have glucomannan, which is a huge failure. 

But, as a water shedding complex, it's really quite good, containing dandelion root, juniper berry fruit and hydrangea root which have all been proven to work as diuretics. Making this a great supplement for the week running up to a photo shoot or body building competition, but not something you can stay on for a long period of time.

The nootropic complex, feels unnecessary for anyone not at single digit body fat now having issues with focus[3].Individually the ingredients break down as follows:

Caffeine anhydrous: Gives you energy, raises metabolic rate, and increases NEAT (the amount of calories you burn through none exercise related activity). We all know how caffeine works.

Kola nut: Kola Nut is not only a stimulant, but seems to increase baseline metabolic rate, it's not commonly used as most studies are animal based although initial human trials look positive[4].

Yerba mate: Another form of caffeinated beverage extract, seems to be a mild appetite suppressant, but low efficacy.

Raspberry ketones: Complete debunked for and effective use in humans, very mild improvements at best, this is an outdated ingredient.

Coleus forskohlii: This seems to work for obese patients, however, there aren't many studies on healthy individuals, it seems to reduce metabolic reduction when someone is in a calorie deficit[5].

Evodiamine: Looks good in animal studies, but nothing so far suggests it works in humans.Coffee bean extract: Solid fat burner ingredient, reduces fat intake, suppresses appetite coffee bean extract is in a lot of good fat burners.

Green tea leaf extract: Similar to coffee bean extract, green tea extract is a pretty standard ingredient, it is usually a bit of a bulk up ingredient though and never the focus of the best fat burners.

Oolong tea extract: Minimal studies, looks similar to green tea leaf extract, seems to just be an added extra set of words to put on the package.

Other tea extracts: Same as Oolong tea extract.

L - Tyrosine: Theoretically it can help boost metabolism, but the proof for this is loose, that said it does boost dopamine production, which helps reduce cravings. It's a precursor (your body uses this to make something else) to phenylalanine, which is effective at increasing metabolism.

Olive leaf extract: This has been very effective in animal trials and human studies look promising in terms of preventing the absorption of fat into the body. Like a lot of the ingredients in our animal stak review, it's a maybe.

Salvia Officinalis: Only trailed in mice, seems to work for them, but that doesn't mean it will do much for humans.Dandelion root: - This is great for shedding water weight, and one of the highlights in our animal cuts review[6]. 

Uva Ursi Leaf: Negligible evidence to support it being effective. We think this one's just another filler for the names list on the back of animal cuts proprietary blend.

Hydrangea Root: Another known diuretic, again it's helpful if you're looking to strip water weight to look as lean as possible, but walking around dehydrated for a long period of time is obviously not good, whether it's caused by natural ingredients or not.

Buchu Leaf: Known for reducing bloating and water retention, it's a solid addition to animal cuts water shedding complex.Juniper berry fruit: Animal cuts water shedding complex, is the bit where it continues to shine. Another known diuretic, so a solid inclusion. 

Celery Seed: Lastly in the water weight loss section is celery seed and again seems to be legitimately effective[7].

The Nootropic Complex: We're not going to go into this in too much detail, yes the stuff in here is good for focus, but it's a "meh" we wouldn't recommend this if it was a stand alone nootropic, it could assist with some of the dieting brain fog, but we'd rather have the option to take a dedicated nootropic over an 18 pill stak from animal cuts. 

Ashwagandha root extract: An unusual one for a fat burner, we tend to see this more in mood related supplements, that said, if your goal is to hit very low body fat percentages it's definitely helpful.

Animal Cuts Review Conclusion

Our animal cuts reviews were done on both a personal and scientific level, we found that whilst it's pretty good for pro body builders and models, this is not a fat burner for everyone. Odds are that you probably would be better off picking something else from our best fat burners for men list

Keep in mind we do like Animal cuts, it did make it onto the list. It just isn't practical for most people and the animal cuts side effects were unpleasant. If you decide to go with it, try to avoid taking it on an empty stomach. 

It's definitely going to boost energy levels, help you keep stable blood sugar, it will aid fat loss, but there are better alternatives out there for most people. 

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 6/10
Thermogenic Boost 10/10
Energy Boost 10/10
Customer Satisfaction 9/10
Ingredients Quality 8/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 8/10

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